She's A Wildflower

"She's a Wildflower" 8x10 New Original Encaustic Painting

Sometimes things just come together in one piece that make me smile. In this piece, it's the hot pink and turquoise color combination and the sweetness of the little girl looking down at her bird friend. I also got to use my new boho stencil collection to do those hot pink and silver markings in the tree roots. As a special touch, I've used real wildflowers in places, too. ;)

Finished at Last: "Tending Our Garden"

 "Tending Our Garden" 20x20 inch original encaustic painting on wood panel.

"Tending Our Garden" 20x20 inch original encaustic painting on wood panel.

It's always an exciting day when a big painting project is finished. This one was intricate and required sunny days outside to complete, but I'm thrilled that it's finished and ready for the Girls on the Run show at gallery Zapow here in Asheville! Until the show, you can still purchase it for another day or so from my shop (and see up-close photos of the many intricate carved details). At 20x20 inches, this is a larger than usual size for me, but I think the tiny details in the large space feel really tactile and chock-full of growing, pretty things like flowers, animals and love.

This painting is a story, of course. In many ways it's autobiographical. I am, indeed, an artist girl living with a guitar-playing guy. :) Sometimes I hear beautiful music wafting into the studio, and that always makes me smile. Yet this is also a story about all of us -- and the way we make our own paradise by creating beauty and sharing it with the world.