My Book, Storytelling Art Studio, is available for Pre-Order!

You can now pre-order my book on Amazon and enter my HUGE GIVEAWAY contest!  See the details under the Book & Giveaway tab here on my website.

I'm so excited to share the launch of my new book, Storytelling Art Studio! In it I share my dual love of literature and painting and show you how to link the two in your own artwork. The book focuses on mixed media techniques including collage, sgraffito, and book-page altering as well as traditional drawing, painting and etching! You'll use pencils, gel pens, paints, clayboard, scissors, patterned paper and even your children's drawings to bring your storytelling visions to life!

Plus, I show you how to use incorporate character, plot, conflict, theme and other aspects of fiction into your artwork.

This book has been a labor of love for me, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to share it with you!


30 Drawings in 30 Days and time for NOLA Vacation!

I am so proud to say that I finished all 30 of my 30 consecutive daily drawings -- despite snow days, young children and plain old fear of the blank page -- and my drawings are now available on Etsy.  I've also created 4 of the more romantic images for special Valentine's Day prints.  It was such an amazing journey to create these drawings and to share them with you on social media. I may just make this an annual event (thought it's way too soon to promise!) :). 

In other news, I'm off this week for a mini vacation to NOLA with AMAZING and talented artists including Anahata KatkinAlena Hennessy, Carrie Scmitt, Flora Bowley, Melissa Moss, Lori Portka and Nikki Cade. I can only imagine that this will be a whirlwind of inspiration, and I will take some cool photos to share. I am trying to travel light for the journey with just drawing pad, pencils and gel pens -- but I have a feeling these extraordinary ladies will make me want to Uber it to the art store 5 minutes after I arrive. Feeling very lucky.

My Etsy shop is open today, but it will be closed 2/14 - 2/20.  Happy Valentine's Day!!