Cathy Nichols

 Cathy Nichols, encaustic artist.

Cathy Nichols, encaustic artist.

I am a full-time encaustic artist, oracle card  & stencil designer and  the author of Storytelling Art Studio: Visual Expressions of Character, Mood and Theme in Mixed Media as well as the 'star' of the Storytelling Art Collection of DVDs. For many years, you may have also seen my paintings on Sherpani's Modern Vintage line of Elements handbags. 

In 2014, I moved to Asheville, North Carolina from New York on a quest to survive and thrive as an artist and mom.  Yet, my commitment to the artistic life began several years earlier when I pinned up Ghandi's quote, "become the change you seek from the world" next to a 4x4 foot canvas and tore up my applications to law school.

I had tried many "legitimate" professions -- scholar, teacher, PR professional -- before staring down that blank canvas in my living room. Yet I was still the same girl in the back of math class staring out the window daydreaming. Try as I may, I could not turn my eyes back to the lesson plan. So I gave myself a blank canvas and permission to fill it up with what I really wanted to see.

Since then, my paintings have become a place for me to restore the sense of wonder, love and freedom, I remembered from childhood. They are a place to daydream, and a space left open for magic. I like to use all kinds of “non-regulation” stuff in my paintings: fire-tempting beeswax cooked on a hotplate, torn paper, melted oil sticks and song lyrics. Growing up, my grandmother called me her "Sunshine Girl," and maybe this is why I can also never resist sprinkling in a few rhinestones at the last minute. Plus, let’s face it, glitter is fun.

My paintings are little packages of joy shipped out from me to you.

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