Why Choose Original Art?

Buy original art to be inspired. The art that inspires you and profoundly effects you should be hung in your home. The art connects with you in a way not much else can. The connection allows you to share in the passion, expression, creativity and inspiration of the artist who created it. The art moves you and enhances your life
— Craig Shillam, Why Should Anyone Buy Original Art?

4 Original Encaustic Paintings: "Wonder Girl," "Springtime in Paris, " Seafarer," "Dreamcatcher" all available in my shop as of today.

Yes, as an artist, I know I am biased, but whenever given the opportunity, I choose to buy original art. I want to support other artists, yes, but also because original art is like almost no other object you can buy in our mass-produced marketplace. There is only ONE original. Just one. If you look around your home -- even at the most expensive items in it -- how many things do you see that are not owned by anyone else in the world? Original art is a lot like a snowflake. There is only one in the universe, created at a certain time under specific conditions. I think that's pretty cool.  And it's also just really fun to form an art collection.   Do you have an art collection? How do you decide what to include? It is by subject matter or artist or through another factor? For more on this topic, I found these articles interesting: "Why Should Anyone Buy Original Art?",  "Why Should People Buy and Own Art?" and "Do You Buy Original Artwork?" And hey,  there are plenty of people who choose to buy prints rather than original artwork. And that can be a really fun form of collecting as well. If you choose prints over originals, is it just for affordability or do you have other reasons?