When One Door Closes Another Opens

We began packing in earnest today, and I found myself saying aloud "when one door closes, another opens." It reminded me of the above painting that I created for a two-person show with my friend, Marisa of Creative Thursday one very cold winter in Woodstock.  The little blue square on the right actually was a functional door that opened and closed.  And fittingly, I now no longer remember what was behind that door! It's funny but isn't that the way it is with life also? The things we find so important at one point in time often fade from memory.  I am trying to keep this in mind as I pare down my belongings for the move south.  Many of the clothes, books and even music that I loved years ago no longer fit with how I feel today.  I have to give myself permission to leave these items behind.  And it's ok. Getting rid of these outmoded things will open a new door not just to new "things," but to the new me that will be using them.