House of Waves - Art in Context

I had the great pleasure of visiting with Kat of Flying Fish Ceramics and pottery school last week, and I was touched to see her beautiful display of my original encaustic painting "House of Waves." Kat actually does live in a house of waves. Her home is nestled up next to Northport Harbor with a sunroom that juts almost into the Long Island Sound. Visiting her, you feel like you are on ship being sailed by a poet/artiste who has set out on a long adventure.  I love the way that Kat has replicated the cream, blue and pale pink accents in all of her art and furnishings. And she has also repeated her nautical motifs for a coherent feeling.  

If you would like to share photos of art in your home or office, please send me an email or a comment below. I would love to hear from you!