Hot Off the Presses: THE RED BOOTS - A Love Story!

Today is a banner day! After many years in the making,  I am very excited to announce the release of my first BOOK! It's called The Red Boots: A Love Story, and it is a collaboration between myself and singer-songwriter, Jay DiPaola.  It is a love story told in pictures and verse, and it for anyone who has ever been in love, had their heart broken and searched for a happy ending.

You can buy the book here.

You can buy the music CD, too! Right here.

 CD Album and Downloadable Songs for The Red Boots: A Love Story

CD Album and Downloadable Songs for The Red Boots: A Love Story

From the Book Jacket (hardcover version):

Children grow up.  Along the way they're encouraged to put aside their sing-song picture books and 'graduate' to reading just words on a page.  If those words are well ordered, it is suggested, an adult imagination can do the rest.  This certainly may or may not be mostly true.  Well, The Red Boots takes us back to the beginning anyway, adding not just pictures, but an entire musical score to a real love story.  Meant to be seen and heard together, the book and album* create a dreamy, magical journey for grown ups--an invitation to explore love, loss, redemption, and the power of collaborative art to heal and to reveal.

 Cathy Nichols and Jay DiPaola met as students at Colorado State University where they shared a love of literature and storytelling that has translated into their work as visual and musical artists. The Red Boots began as a series of music-inspired paintings that Cathy meant to be hung in sequential order--a sort of visual operetta.  When he saw the images, Jay developed the idea further by composing the actual music that each painting inspired in him.

 The Red Boots: A Love Story is a collaboration between artists and friends.  Like love, it not only crosses boundaries of time, distance and genre, but of fact and fiction.  Love is always being retold, as in this story's final poem and painting, "The End is the Beginning" and "le fin est le debut.