I'm the Featured Artist on BRIKA Today!

I love it when I catch a glimpse of light bending around a ferris wheel, see a new shade of pink at sunrise, or catch a friend’s eye with a giggle across a crowded room. It reminds me that there are cracks in the world where magic gets through.
— Cathy Nichols for BRIKA Interview

I am so excited to be the featured artist for BRIKA today! This is a wonderful site that I have perused and dreamed of being part of for quite some time. I love the way that the items are curated, and they focus on the stories behind the makers who create the hand-made items we love. I applied to be a part of BRIKA after reading about the women who stared the site in Design Sponge earlier this year. I was thrilled when I found out I would be their featured artist in February.  You can read my story and see my special BRIKA collection here.  You may even see a photo of me creating a piece of art you already own. :)

I think I am always moved by the idea of transformation – when things change from one element into another: noun to adjective, child to adult, solid wax into melted color– because this blur between states gets at what it means to be alive.
— Cathy Nichols for Brika Interview

A special thank you to Whitney Nichols for my beautiful headshot!