Oracle Story Card Decks are HERE!

Story is our oldest tool to tell us who we are. 

Yet we sometimes cannot hear our own stories over the noise of everyday life.

I created this beautiful, soulful oracle deck in bright, rich colors to help you see and connect with your inner storyteller, artist and creative soul.

My Story Cards have been a labor of love based on the themes, motifs and iconography of my own paintings. Like Tarot cards, they include a set of instructions, suggested layout spread, and an 8-page interpretation booklet. Their imagery is modern, colorful, and filled with accessible symbolism designed to unlock, guide and inspire the unique stories of your life.

Suggested Uses:
- Pick a card to inspire your creativity for the day
- Use the layout & instructions to do readings for yourself and others
- Reveal the important characters, conflicts and resolutions on your unique journey

Deck Includes:
* Beautiful custom-designed box to store your cards
*  70 total cards
*  69 cards (including 16 male and female 'face' cards) +1 layout spread card
*  Instructions
*  8-page booklet with interpretations for each card
*  Shrink wrapped for protection & tied with a beautiful organza ribbon
* Cards measure 4.75 x 2.75 inches


Click here to buy now. There only 50 decks available in this limited first edition.