Tending My Garden - A Work in Progres

From drawing to laying down color in wax.

For the past few days I have been working on a large encaustic painting called "Tending Our Garden." It's both a love story and a metaphor for the role of the artist in society.  When we create anything heartfelt and beautiful from an authentic place, we are contributing to the beauty of the world around us -- we are 'tending our garden.' Of course, like many of my 'stories in wax,' this one has a personal meaning, too. I just happen to live with a wonderful musician who is playing beautiful music downstairs as I type these words. :) Yay!

About the pictures here - I started with a pencil drawing of this piece, then etched it into wax and chose the gorgeous color palette alongside fellow artist and color savant, Melissa Moss. The rest was painting outside with pigmented beeswax from R&F encaustics.

You can follow my daily progress on this painting on Instagram @cathynicholsart.