My NEW Boho & Kilim Stencils now at StencilGirl!

"Mother & Daughter" - Gouache on Paper

I am really excited to announce the release of my new 2016 stencil designs available through StencilGirl products! I created them because I adore adding pattern as bits of whimsy to my narrative paintings. I used the Boho Pattern Stencil above in "Mother & Daughter" for the flowers in the hair and dresses -- it was such fun to pattern up the dress just by repeating that tiny flower on the bottom of the stencil. And the larger flowers make beautiful garlands as well as embellishments for hand-lettering. I also used my new Kilim stencil for the dress design itself. Look for more demos on how you can use these stencils in your own mixed media, encaustic, gouache, acrylic and fabric art!