30 Drawings in 30 Days and time for NOLA Vacation!

I am so proud to say that I finished all 30 of my 30 consecutive daily drawings -- despite snow days, young children and plain old fear of the blank page -- and my drawings are now available on Etsy.  I've also created 4 of the more romantic images for special Valentine's Day prints.  It was such an amazing journey to create these drawings and to share them with you on social media. I may just make this an annual event (thought it's way too soon to promise!) :). 

In other news, I'm off this week for a mini vacation to NOLA with AMAZING and talented artists including Anahata KatkinAlena Hennessy, Carrie Scmitt, Flora Bowley, Melissa Moss, Lori Portka and Nikki Cade. I can only imagine that this will be a whirlwind of inspiration, and I will take some cool photos to share. I am trying to travel light for the journey with just drawing pad, pencils and gel pens -- but I have a feeling these extraordinary ladies will make me want to Uber it to the art store 5 minutes after I arrive. Feeling very lucky.

My Etsy shop is open today, but it will be closed 2/14 - 2/20.  Happy Valentine's Day!!